My Work

My work:


During my study period I worked mainly in stone, sometimes in wood. Figural and abstract. I learned to transfer graphic designs and sculptural models into large sculptures. A process of spatial prehension and its execution.


This creative act and statements like: "you're never save from success!" (Original sound Prof. K.H.Türk) affected my studies at the academy of arts Nürtingen.


Later, I involved the space creatively. The room itself became a sculpture. Spatial installations arose, the classical "sculpture on the pedestal" dissolved.


I transferred my studio to the outside. The landscape, the vastness of the spatial served as a background and optical restriction for wooden steles, scythes and huge painted wooden structures.


The last years, due to my personal development, I only handle with colors. The pleasure of painting. A dance with the colors, a destruction, a rebuilding. Eventually a dialogue with the colors, the canvas and myself.


Two themes fascinate me especially when it comes to painting. On the one hand - due to my many years of experience with nude drawing - the figurative, the human form. The human being in the focus, the naked person. Drafting thoughtfully and painterly translated into colors.


On the other hand the abstraction - for me the most interesting terrain. Here, it is essential to activate the inner view, to absorb colors mentally, to combine them and then bring them to the canvas. Sometimes the trigger is a single color, from which the composition of the image develops.


Pictures are self-evolving, but not by themselves! It is similar to the famous Koan: "What is the sound of one hand clapping? ".